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What do the Staff Grades Mean?

Event First Aider

Trained to provide basic first aid care, managing a patients condition until further help arrives. Our first aiders hold a current first aid certificate, including adult, child and baby basic life support and are able to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Our first aiders usually work alongside more qualified team members in a support role.

First Responder

Many of our Event First Responders respond on behalf of the NHS Ambulance Services. Our Event First Responders are trained to administer first aid, as well as in the use of Oxygen Therapy, Defibrillation and basic diagnostics. Event First Responders are well trained and experienced in managing seriously ill patients whilst awaiting an ambulance.


Our Emergency Medical Technicians hold a minimum of the IHCD qualification or equivelent. This ambulance qualification, recognised within the NHS requires significant classroom training and a minimum of 750 hours practical experience. Our Emergency Medical Technicians are well trained independent practitioners.


Paramedics are registered with the HCPC within the UK and are highly skilled clinicians. Trained to administer Advanced Life Support, and administer a wide range of drugs, Paramedics are ideal for high risk events, or events where advanced interventions may be required.

What else do I need to know?

Whatever grade of staff we provide, you can be assured that our teams are able to provide a quality service. We ensure all staff hold a DBS certificate, and undergo additional training to ensure they are suitable for the specialist events arena.

Our qualified clinical auditor ensures that our teams are working in line with current best practice and that we are delivering the best possible care to all of our patients. Unfortunately event medicine is an unregulated activity, and our commitment to quality has proven to be an important factor in our clients decision to use our services.

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