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Night Club Medics

Having a trained medic has proven to improve profits as well as reduce the burden on the NHS Ambulance Services. We are able to provide staff of all levels, depending upon your needs. Many of our venues split the cost of cost of nightclub medical cover with promoters, ensuring cover during your biggest nights.

Our team are all highly trained in the management and safe discharge of intoxicated persons as well as the recognition and management of drug related incidents.

Our strict and comprehensive documentation ensures that we are able to support venues in the event of a claim following slips, trips and falls. many venues have saved £1000s as a direct result of the documentation that we complete at the time of an incident.


  1. Improved relations with local authorities and licencing
  2. Reduce the burden on NHS resources
  3. Reduce the number of ambulances attending your venue
  4. Free your staff up from dealing with first aid incidents
  5. Improve your reputation
  6. Deal with first aid incidents before they develop into more serious issues

We are able to offer discounts on long term contracts - Why not give us a try.

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